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Work Order Request

Thanks for submitting!

Thank you for submitting a work order!

We try to respond to all work orders within 2 business days, but this is not always possible depending on the season or severity of the work orders we have. Please be patient with our staff. 

Maintenance staff members are on property Monday-Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM. By placing a work order you are giving maintenance permission to enter to take care of your work order, make sure to fully communicate with your roommates when placing.

If this work order is an emergency, such as lockout, no heat during the winter, or flood during non-business hours, please call our on-call service at 330-375-8909. This service is free with the exception of lock-outs, which are $45 due on the spot to the maintenance person responding.

Due to COVID-19, some work orders will need to be completed by tenants for tenant and employee safety. We are building a library of videos based on what we think a tenant should be able to handle, such as fixing garbage disposals or unclogging a toilet. As we produce videos, we will place them on this page for easy access. 

Work Order Videos

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