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Move-out instructions

Move-out cleaning


Step One

Complete your intent to vacate

Intent to vacate forms are due 60 days before the end of your lease agreement. If we do not get your intent to vacate, your security deposit refund will be delayed. One check is made out to the apartment in the name of all apartments. Refunds are distributed to apartments that completely vacate. Returns are typically mailed out 30 days after the unit is vacated. These are sent to your email address via Docusign.


60 Days Out


Step Four

Cancel any Autopayments

Cancel your auto payments if you have any scheduled for after your move-out. Remember to finish paying for your final month. Leases ending July 31st will need to have their final payment processed by July 5th to avoid late fees. You will also want to cancel any reminders you have pending. If you accidentally push a payment, notify our office as soon as possible so we can attempt to void. If the payment processes, we will return the over payment with the security deposit.


7 Days Out


Step Two

Schedule termination of your utilities

Contact Ohio Edison and Spectrum, if applicable, to end service to your apartment as close to the end of your lease agreement as possible. If you cancel your electric too early, you will be billed electric. Return Spectrum equipment to the Spectrum Store down the road. You will also want to set your forwarding address with the post office.


30 Days Out


Step Five

Return your keys and laundry cards to the office.

Turn your keys and laundry cards in person during our office hours, preferably. If you can't, in the vestibule of 1652 is a drop box. Make sure you label your keys with your door number and drop them in the box. 


1 Day Out

Grungy Paint Splatter

Step Three


Regardless of how you moved into your apartment, it must be cleaned. Failure to follow the cleaning rules will result in fines taken from your security deposit. Cleaning issues must be reported within 24 hours of receiving your apartment keys. Be sure to review the move out video at the bottom of this page for our move out expectations. Please follow the instructions we set. 


14 Days Out

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