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Expect the inspectors

Lock your doors, but leave your chains off on the date of the inspection. Dogs must be contained.


So the city can properly inspect our property, please be prepared for their entry. We ask that animals are chaperoned or contained. Do not use your privacy locks that day so we can inspect. The entire inspection per apartment is on average about 3 minutes.  

Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguishers on the counter top

We will replace expired extinguishers. Fire extinguishers should be stored by your stove for the safety of everyone. 


If you are missing your extinguisher, you will be billed $85.

Smoke detectors.jpg

Test your smoke detectors

Fines are given to detectors that don't work.


Make sure your smoke detectors are functioning! Tenants are responsible for their smoke detectors and are billed $25 per smoke detector that fails inspection.

To test your smoke detector, press the button on the smoke detector's face. If it sounds off, you are good. If your smoke detector chirps on its own, you need to visit the office for a new battery. If the new battery doesn't work, we will submit a work order. 

Tampered and missing smoke detectors will be billed for. Each bedroom and hallway will have one smoke detector. 

Natural Soap

Make sure your apartment is free of clutter and clean.

Dirty units are reported to our leasing office and will be inspected on a weekly basis.


Be sure your unit is ready and clean for the inspectors. Trash must be taken out, clutter must be to a minimal, and 

dishes must be cleaned so they can check your taps and disposal.

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