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Before You Get Here

What's my

We will send everyone in the apartment a text message with their address when we get closer to move-in.

Expect messages after August First

Be connected to social media for additional updates!

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  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

If you didn't get a text, give us a call. Avoid email.

Set up

You will need to set the request as close to your move-in date. If you can't get it exactly, don't worry!

You will need:

Your address from the 

text message.


Renter's insurance is required and you must provide proof by adding Holly Park as your interested party.

No insurance, no keys.


Have you paid your fees and first month's rent? If you have questions about what's due, contact our office using the chat feature.

Avoid emailing us.


Complete this form so we can anticipate move-in congestion. We will change the schedule based on the number of people.

Times are subject to change, are not guaranteed, and are not promises. 

Learn about your

Watch our YouTube video reviewing the lease agreement. We walk through every clause with you.

Your Move-in day


Forward your electric confirmation from Ohio Edison.

If we don't have your confirmation, you won't get keys.

Stick to the

We will text you your time. Please stick with the schedule for everyone's safety.

We recommend masks, when possible.

Drive thru

We will have one document for you to sign in-person with us. We then will give you keys. You are required to show a photo ID.

Drive-thru line will be in front of

1652 Mulberry Court.

Your first week

Getting rid of

Breakdown boxes. The dumpsters will fill quickly. If they do, please place trash beside or behind the dumpster, not in front. Leave dumpster lids open for easy access. Dumpsters can be stacked up with refuse.

Site Map


Your apartment is not going to be perfect. You will have warped cabinets, vanity, pits in tubs, and other character defects. However, the apartment is habitable. 

We need to know if there are holes in the carpet, broken windows, holes in walls, or something major missed by the cleaners. 

Click here for move-in forms


The apartments are unfurnished unless you coordinated with CORT or another rental service. There are, however, a few other things you'll need to pick up before and during your stay at Holly Park to keep your apartment clean and healthy!

Shopping lists

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